A Compendium of Horror, Fear, and the Grotesque

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The following is a list of links to resources on a variety of topics related to horror, fear, and the grotesque.

Web Site Description
29 Horror World A horror community website offering fiction, reviews, newsletter, and other items of interest. You can read original material by known horror writers and communicate with them via message boards.
30 The Dark Zone A site by Anthony North. In his Introduction he writes, "Welcome to The Dark Zone. This site is about the Unexplained. You will find general blogs on the subject as well as a number of pages on specific phenomena. I also include some short stories, or Doodles, for light relief."
31 Dark Arts Books John Everson is the Publisher and writes, "Each of our titles feature multiple stories by four authors, providing "sampler" anthologies of some of the finest writers in modern horror."
32 Monster Librarian A horror resource library for readers and librarians.
33 Horror Reader A collaborative weblog devoted to horror fiction. Offers original reporting, reviews, and interviews in a blog format.
34 Malinche Entertainment A site that bills itself as "The world's only publisher of interactive fiction." It offers horror and other genres of fiction.
35 The Late Late Show This site offers online horror fiction and includes reviews, links, and forums. Chris Fletcher editor/publisher sometimes accepts review submissions at this email address:
36 Feo Amante's Horror Thriller Home Page One of the best known and widely applauded sites dedicated to horror. Feo's is a long-standing and comprehensive work of art itself. Here you can find virtually anything you want related to horror; e.g., books, movies, comics, reviews, news, and music. But you have got to see this site for yourself.
37 Hellnotes "Hellnotes is dedicated to the horror genre, its fans, and its writers. We work hard to deliver the most up-to-date information about new horror book releases, horror movies, and horror events. We also provide visitors with interviews, book reviews, profiles, and photographs. If you’d like to submit material for our consideration (press releases, convention news, book reviews, etc.), you can contact us here:"
38 Joe Horror Billed as "The Guide to Blue Collar Horror" this site is professional in appearance and offers well-written and provocative movie reviews. The site also offers links, interviews, and articles. If you are a horror film maker, Joe Horror will review your work.   
39 Enchanted Gardens A fascinating site offering for sale miniatures of castles, churches, and other beautifully gothic pieces, among a wide variety of garden items.
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